At the tender age of 6, Ettiene Pretorius started his very first business selling beer and VO Brandy to the 350 farm workers employed by his family. Every weekend, the workers walked 12km to town and 12km back, to buy their alcoholic beverages and solving this problem resulted in a lucrative business. At age 10, he made his first investment when he bought a coin Foosball table, which taught him the principals of passive income. However, a year later, he learned the biggest lesson of all when he invested all his savings in a pyramid scheme with unrealistic returns and lost everything, thus the realisation, ‘there is no such thing as easy money.’

In Ettiene’s 3rd year of university whilst completing his degree, he made his first real estate investment. In his 4th year, as an honours student at the age of 21, he made his first million. This happened the same year that he received the South African ABSA top entrepreneur award. At the age of 27, Ettiene had completed over R35m worth of developments.
He has travelled across the world being fortunate enough to visit every continent and received an International Businessman Award in 2013, where he was congratulated by Arnold Schwarzenegger. In 2014 he also had the privilege as the only South African male to spend 5 days with 19 other entrepreneurs across the globe with Sir Richard Branson on Necker Island discussing 'Global warming'. This inspired him to change his property development strategy and set the trend by implementing green initiatives in his new development that's breaking ground end of 2017. Ettiene lives by the 10 000 hour rule and backs it up with his ongoing studies in MSc Real Estate, focussing his thesis on "Informed cost benefit perceptions as primary driver of consumer behaviour change in respect of adoption of green residential building initiatives.

Ettiene and Erichia Pretorius are the founders and driving force behind Bring Change Africa.
The model around Bring Change Africa is built on the principle where top influential business men and women, shares their knowledge and experience which is based on a local methodology where local people can learn, earn and return from the influencers around them rather than learning from international professionals who has no context about our local environment. Bring Change Africa supports projects at a critical early stage of their development and act as a catalyst for entrepreneurs by building a community that can accelerate the impact of forward-thinking projects, ideas and people. We build close relationships with experts across sectors that understand and support's the importance of a growth mindset.

His philosophy is simple:
“I make my team part of the experience and I educate, I do not negotiate. People are my passion, business is my game and money is my tool.”

Ettiene also believes he started too late…

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We have been rescued at sea by the Royal National Lifeboat Institute from Dover while crossing the Dover Straights, also called the English Channel, and about 5 nautical miles off the British coastline.


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