1. Value Education
During my recent trip to Everest Base Camp I came to the realization that Education is one of the absolute main things we as South-Africans should be thankful for as we have the opportunity to be educated - never having to worry about resources and yet we take it for granted. On day one our first stop was at a School where we provided the local children with basic resources and stationary. Their faces were priceless as each and every child were ecstatic about something as simple as a pencil.


2. Fight for what is right
As Sir Hillary Edmund devoted most of his life to helping the Sherpa people of Nepal through the Himalayan Trust, his efforts contributed towards many schools and hospitals in Nepal. His devotion and dedication towards the people of Nepal has inspired me to also give back to others as; “What you have at the end of your life will be determined by how much you gave!” – Ettiene Pretorius

3. Brave enough to face the physical danger
As I took on this challenge I knew that it was going to be extremely intense, but I kept pushing forward as limiting myself in any aspect of life is not an option. I found that in the business world that the greater the opponent, the sweeter the victory. If you fear no one, they fear you!

4. Full circle communication
One of the most important aspects of any trip is communication and the accessibility to a leader who is devoted to each and every member of his team. While we were all taking on this tough and challenging 16 day adventure our tour guide, Bischnu were at all times devoted to helping us every step of the way. No matter how big the challenge or how tough the route he made sure that we stayed positive – His drive and my perseverance is what kept me going.

5. Perseverance
After an exhausting 9 day trip we finally made it to Everest Base Camp. Perseverance and commitment is what got me to complete this challenge. Although I was drained yet ecstatic to reach the top, the challenging part was to stay positive for five more days as we had to walk back. I am proud to say that I completed this challenge not out of skill but out of shear perseverance.

6. See the bigger picture
The bigger picture is in fact that we as individuals are so quick to complain that we don’t even realize how much we already have. I remember a situation where I complained about paying R45 for a Coke, not keeping in mind the journey that specific Coke had to go through in order to reach that specific point. We are so focused on earthy possessions, yet the locals has nothing but they are always willing to give, and they seem happier than we are?